Did I, Really?

Hunyo 2, 2008

Sunday… wow!

I couldn’t believe the surprising e-mail I received when I opened my inbox last night. It was a really nice surprise, but it also made me speechless for nearly a minute. I was in awe! 😀

Here’s the e-mail (I just have to share it to you, people!).

It’s been two month since I joined a contest for WPP members. I wanted to participate because I want to becme an active WPP member, since the main objective of the contest is to have meaningful threads/topics/posts from the participants. But with the demands from my job last month and some personal obligations, I was only able to make 19 posts. And I couldn’t update my blog as well. Haay…

So I didn’t expect I’d even get the runner-up price. But… surprise, surprise! I WON!

What happened was, at the last minute, the organizers of the contest had to change the criteria because [it seems] the main goal was overlooked. Honestly speaking, I’m still in the state of disbelief until now; still trying to absorb what it means.

Salamat talaga sa WPP at sa mga nag-sponsor ng contest: