I’m Back!

Pebrero 17, 2008
I’ve been out of touch for more than a month! I didn’t realize it had been that long. But I’m back. A lot of things occupied my time the past month — at work, in my personal life, the family. So, how’s everybody? I hope your Valentine’s Day was great. Please tell me about it. And speaking of Valentine’s Day, this song was playing over the radio while I was on my way to work last Thursday.
I know it’s a mushy song but it was just perfect for the occasion! The lady sitting next to me was actually sighing, I swear! The one I listened to was a different version, by the way. Much better than Dusty Springfield’s (in my opinion). “Something in Your Eyes” is one of the songs in Claire dela Fuente’s new album. Listen to it. Fall in love.
Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be in your blogs soon, people. And Rhapsody, I’ll do the tag really, really soon. I promise, I promise, I promise.

TV Ads I Enjoy Watching

Setyembre 24, 2007

I enjoy watching these commercials on TV. Funny and very creative!



This one I like because of the song (I don’t know much about the GTA videogame).


I hope you enjoyed them, too. 😉