Chorva in everything

Agosto 8, 2007

Like many others, I thought that the term “chorva” was just invented and added to the rich and still getting richer Pinoy gay lingo. It sounds funny and really gay. I remember using it in one of my IM conversations with a friend, and then she asked me what it means. I told her it’s a universal filler (I deduced my definition from how the term is used); when you don’t know the right term to use, “chorva” comes handy. I found out later on that “chorva” was coined from a foreign word and that my definition is somehow true. “Chorva” was derived from the Greek word cheorvamus, which means “for lack of the right word to say” or “in place of something you want to express but cannot verbalize.” Now I’m starting to believe that old man in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that all words have Greek roots! I remember him saying it in the movie, trying to prove his theory to anyone-“Give me a word… any word, and I tell you, its come from Greek…”

“Chorva” is a very flexible term, too. It can function as noun (May bagong chorva sa tindahan.), verb (I-chorva mo na `yong narinig mo kanina!) or even as an adjective (Ang chorva naman ng mukha!).

So, if you find yourself at a loss for words when talking to your friends, classmates or in any informal conversation, try “chorva”! Who knows, it’s the term that will liven up a boring, rainy afternoon. 😀


Variants of “chorva” are churva, chorla, chuva, chuvanes. If you find other meaning or functions of this term, share it with me, too. CHORVA to us all! 🙂