“Smelly P’s”—The Beginning of an Adventure

Abril 1, 2008

In celebration of April Fool’s, I’d like to share some works of art by a colleague. The initial creation is a product of a misheard term and the last two sprung from a series of hilarious discussion with other co-workers. So, without further ado, may I present “Smelly Ps”, created by Conrad. I hope they’re good April Fool’s surprises. 😀


Introducing ‘Yagit’ (orphan) — the character that started it all.

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Marso 14, 2008
The first time I saw this during a commercial gap, I was laughing so hard afterwards. It’s really funny. And brilliant! Very creative. Enjoy watching and tell me what you think.
Some of my friends said that this ad is too intellectual for the Masang Pinoy. Partly true. One, it’s not hard sell. Two, there are no dialogues. Most Pinoys utilize commercial gaps to do other things or accomplish a chore. Three, the viewer is required to watch it from beginning to end or you wouldn’t understand the whole thing. Lastly, you have to read the sentence that appears before the last scene to have an idea what product is being advertised (product is only shown once — the last scene).
Still, I love it. It’s one of the good TVCs I’ve seen this year. Congratulations to the team who created it. )

Crazy Hats Friday

Nobyembre 5, 2007

To celebrate Halloween, our very small group did a little office gimmick on the last Friday of October and wore some funny headdresses the whole day. 😀


From left: Angel Conrad, Princess Toni, Deer Avi, Bespectacled Darna Jane, Devil Len, Wonder Rose, Queen Meldy, & King Robert


hat5.jpg hat1.jpg hat2.jpg hat4.jpg

TV Ads I Enjoy Watching

Setyembre 24, 2007

I enjoy watching these commercials on TV. Funny and very creative!



This one I like because of the song (I don’t know much about the GTA videogame).


I hope you enjoyed them, too. 😉