Something Old, Something New

Pebrero 18, 2008

This a long overdue tag. I was supposed to post it a long time ago. This tag’s from Rhapsody. She wants me to go over my archives and pick a few posts about:

  • Family: Definitely, it’s “Laugh at Your Heart’s Content.” The post is composed of photos mainly but I think they say a lot about how we are in the family (meaning, the whole clan). Besides, those photos are among my most treasured — happy and carefree.
  • Friends: From my Old Neighborhood. I grew up in the barrio, so the neighborhood is pretty tight. The other kids there became my first buddies before I made friends in school.
  • Myself: Me, a Love Charm?! I still think I am. 😀 Read the post and tell me if my theory is correct. 😉
  • Choice: It’s about an old hobby, a Forgotten Passion. I’m trying to find time to do it. I will. Someday. Tell me if I should. 🙂
  • Something I love: I love this poem. 😀 I hope you’ll read it and you’ll share yours!

That’s about it. I’m supposed to tag other people, but I guess most of you did this already. But if you’re reading this post and haven’t done this meme, then I’m passing it on to you. Just remember this simple rule:

Go through your archive and choose five of your favorite posts about your family, friends, yourself, something you love and lastly, your own choice.

Totally Hooked

Nobyembre 29, 2007


Got tagged by Rhapsody. The instruction is to write down the three things I’m addicted to. No problem. Here they are:




This is a severe addiction. I go to the movies every week. I can watch 6-10 movies in a day. Maybe it runs in my blood. I got it from my grandfather na ginagawang tambayan ang sinehan . 😀 I watch all kinds-art film, romantic, foreign language, thriller/horror, comedy, adventure… Sometimes it depends on my mood.

Among my favorites are Cinema Paradiso, Three Seasons, Amelie, The Wizard of Oz, Parenthood, and Love Me if You Dare.

With the movie collection I have at home… maybe I could start a small video shop, hmmm…. 😀


bookshelf.jpgEver since I was a child, I prefer books over computer games (I was already in college when I played Super Mario D ) or other toys. I’m more of a fiction fan.

Sometimes I read two different books at the same time (one I read while on my way to somewhere and a different book beside my pillow to read before I sleep). Just can’t live without them. You learn a lot from them and they take you to places (real, fictitious/magical) without having to leave your home. And history. Yeah, there’s history in fiction books; a fun way to learn history. Sometimes, you find yourself in one of the characters in the story.

My books occupy more space in my room than my clothes, shoes and bags combined.

GUMAMELA (hibiscus)


Well, it’s my favorite flower. ;) I have a few pots of them in our small garden and I plan to add some more.

Now, I want you–insekto, dr. joy, len, mitsuru, witchy, sherma, and mithi–to share the three things you’re addicted to.