Semi-French Dinner

Agosto 28, 2007

I was able to prepare ratatouille for dinner yeaterday! Now, I present to you my own version of the French dish.


What do you think? I served it with tender, peppered meat strips.


They–the family–told me it was delicious (my mom’s asking for the recipe 🙂 ) and I don’t think they were patronizing me. Most of the time, I’m the worst critic of my own creation. But not last night. I absolutely love the dish! I like the combination of the tastes of each vegetable–which you have to cook separately then combine afterwards. You kind of preserve their individual flavor by doing that.

We were all marveling at its taste. Not a single veggie was left in the serving plate afterwards (hmmm… I wonder who ate the Bay leaf). Simut-sarap talaga!

Big–Ratatouille Flavored–Dream

Agosto 21, 2007

remy.jpg I finally had a taste of Ratatouille yesterday. Not the French dish, but the latest Pixar/Disney animated film. When I first saw its trailer, my impression was it’s melodramatic—a story of a sorry-looking guy who wants to be a chef and a rat that has talent in the kitchen. To say that I had fun is an understatement. Even my mom, who rarely watches animated movies, had a grand time. Ratatouille premiered in Philippine cinemas on July 25. The theater was surprisingly full when we watched, considering that it’s running on its 4th week. And the film seemed to have attracted more adult audience than children.

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