A Surprise Call

Oktubre 26, 2007

em.jpgI got a surprise call yesterday afternoon from my little friend, Elvira Marie (Oh, my God! I’m not supposed to call her “little” because she’s dalaga na pala! 😀 ) She wanted to say “hello” and ask how I’m doing that’s why she called. And to tell me that she’s got a cellphone now and I can call or text her anytime. Also, that she has a textmate who is a boy from school and who had been annoying her for a long time (sa text) kaya pinansin niya na.

Elvira Marie or Em-em, by the way, is eight years old, the daughter of a former officemate. I met her when she was three and an only child then, and she thought I am her sister because I call her mom (who was my officemate) Inay. She really believed that we’re siblings and I only live in another house. She used to call me ate or just by my name before. Only when she turned seven did she start calling me Tita, after her baby sister was born. Maybe she had figured out that I’m way too old to be her sis and I really am not her mom’s daughter.

I adore this little girl (dalaginding pala). I like talking to heravi-em2.jpg and listening to her stories and childish rants. Her whole family had “adopted” me already in their circle. Sis pa din tayo Em, ha? Ite-text kita, `wag kang mag-alala. Take care, little lady. 😉