Memory of a First Kiss

Hunyo 27, 2007
I worked as an editor of Tagalog romance novels before. In one of the manuscripts I edited, I was so turned-off with how the writer described the kiss shared by the story's protagonists. The description was so bland, almost without feelings. Out of frustration, I wrote this piece. ;)

My feet grew wings the moment
          your lips touched mine
I closed my eyes tightly as my heart
          started beating rapidly
          a first kiss is
Like being thrown into the vast universe,
          floating in Milky Way—
Stardust around you and me
          —our galaxy
Like fireworks ablaze against the dark sky
          on New Year’s eve—exhilarating!
            a first kiss is…

Copyright © 2006 Avi.

Three Fruitful Saturdays

Mayo 7, 2007

It’s sad that the Saturdays of sharing ideas, discussions and being critiques each other’s works have ended last April 28. I joined the Mainstream Fiction Writing Workshop conducted by JL Caiña of the chips. The workshop was held for three Saturdays in a seminar tent in Quezon City. Although we usually started the lessons late than the what’s in the schedule, everything was worth it! I learned a lot from the lectures and writing exercises (hmm, I think I owe JL one activity pa. Haven’t submitted it yet). Hopefully I’d be able to finish the stories I’ve been working on for several months already. 

Aside from the learning experience, I also gained new friends. I won’t ever forget Ate Pinky who gave me free rides to QC city hall after each workshop because I’m afraid to cross the street from the seminar tent. Thanks, Ate Pinky! You can always buzz me if you want more pocketbooks. 😉  And Zoe, the lady who looks like Michiko Yamamoto (according to JL and I have to agree!) screenwriter of the movies Magnifico and Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. She hates to be interrupted when she’s talking. Then, there’s Kim who would like to create her own animé masterpiece. And she loves Neil Gaiman. ArJ was the only guy in the workshop. I wasn’t able to talk to him very much, though. But I will never forget the look on his face when we he was forced to bring get  the Tagalog romance pocketbook because JL asked us to read one and analyze it.

It’s just been a week since our last day and I’m missing their company already. I miss the exchange of ideas, their suggestions on how to develop my story, the tuksuhan, the laughter… everything. I’ll definitely see you guys again one of these days. 🙂