Misplaced brain

Hulyo 11, 2007

Some people think they’re the smartest, they’ve the best ideas. But most of them don’t realize the stupidity of their actions. They act in haste and without second thoughts; not even considering the pros and cons of their decision. What’s the use of putting the brain inside the head when it’s not being used properly?!

It’s irritating. I’m close to breathing fire already! I’m really, really pissed off. I hate whining. But can’t help it when some smart-ass gets under your skin. Just hearing the voice causes me to frown.Have to endure that for days.

Ah, I wish there’s a cure for thickheadedness. I’d really love to prick that empty head with a very pointed needle. Then I can laugh so loud when I hear it burst!

What Yki Wants for Christmas

Disyembre 13, 2006

yki in the boxKids never fail to amaze and surprise me. Just this morning my nephew was wondering if we (everyone in the family) could find him a girlfriend. He’s barely 5 but it seems he’s ready for a relationship! He also wants to receive a sword, a real one, and a musketeer suit from Santa Claus.

According to his mom, Yki’s been watching Walt Disney’s version of The Three Musketeers (with Mickey, Donald and Goofy as the main characters) almost everyday. Suddenly, he forgot his ultimate hero Spiderman and set aside his favorite Spiderman costume. He wishes to change the movie’s title, too–from “The Three Musketeers” to “The Four Musketeers.”

This is what I have deduced from his Christmas wishes: The sword and suit will enable him to become part of the movie (ha-ha!), then there’d be four musketeers. And he wants a girlfriend so he’d be able to kiss the girl at the end of the movie like Mickey and Donald.

Nice thinking, Yki! Very imaginative. Genius ka talaga sa mga bagay na `to! Mana ka kay… 😉

Welcome Back, Old Self!

Nobyembre 21, 2006

I discovered something about myself before I went to bed last night: That I like my life as it is before that little “deviation” yesterday morning. Although my decision was fast (more in haste, as a friend has said), I know it’s what I want. Whatever direction yesterday’s incident would have brought me, I don’t regret it. As long as I’m happy now, I’ll be okay. I’d worry about the future in the future. You see, I like the carefree life. I hate being pressured for the wrong reasons. And I don’t want to pressure myself.

I’m 100% sure I did the right thing. I’ve got evidence to support that. A few hours ago I found out from another friend the reason for a failure in her life. She got scared and she was in a hurry. And I trust my instinct. And it shouted “NO!” too loud for me to ignore it.

So I’m me again. Normal. And ain’t I so glad!

(P.S. to “another friend” – sorry if i used your words. i know you’re on the road to recovery and happiness now. just be careful)

Amusing(?) Monday

Nobyembre 19, 2006

When I wake up this morning, I was pretty sure my life made sense. And it was normal (in my standard of normal, at least). I know that today will be the same as any other.

Well now, I’m not so sure anymore. A sudden (literally) turn took place. The unexpected revelation that greeted me on my way to work today took me by surprise. Okay. I wasn’t really caught off-guard. Just a little shocked.

In a way it was amusing, but I couldn’t ignore the unmistakable seriousness in those words, too. Their impact on me… God! They

did hit home!

This incident made me reflect on some aspects of my existence. I’m not sure if I should call it a “development.”

I have no idea (yet) where this episode will lead (as it is still very, very new). I guess I’m ready to…

Basta, ganun. Ewan.

For Papi

Hunyo 20, 2006

We do not talk a lot. Voluble and opinionated as I am, I shy away when I am face to face with you. Even now, I still find myself taken by surprise whenever you crack a joke.

You often keep to yourself—in silent observation—that most people think you are unapproachable. But do not think you are a stranger to me (although when I was younger, I felt you were) or I do not understand you. In so many ways, I am so much like you. We cannot deny that fact.

Despite the silence between us, you are the most influential person in my life because I look up to you. For me, you remain the most selfless individual I know (or would ever know). Words are not enough to tell you how much I respect you.

There were times I must have disappointed you, I know. Sometimes, I am very frustrated with myself, too. But I cannot recall any instance that you confronted or showed me your frustrations in me. Instead, you continue to understand and support, never judging me or the choices/decisions I make. You let me discover life’s lessons, commit mistakes and learn from them. You put your trust that despite the misgivings along the way, I would make the right judgment in the end. You let me walk my chosen path, but you are there to to catch me when I fall.

If, in the future, I would decide to come out of my protective shell and gamble (although Grandmother believes I won’t, ever!), I would choose someone like you or somehow similar to you, whose love is unconditional and without prejudice, always ready to extend a hand and do not expect anything in return, someone who has no hang-ups about his masculinity.

I thank you for everything. You will forever be my number one man.