Playing Artist

Hunyo 30, 2008

Dreaming of creating your own art masterpiece one day?

Thanks to programs like Mr. Picasso Head and bomomo, now you can further explore your creativity. With Mr. Picasso Head, you can create your own Picasso-like piece. Really fun!

Here’s one of my creations:

Framed it and all so it’d look like a real painting. 😀 This is inspired by one of Pablo Picasso’s sketches.

What do you think of that one? To see the other pieces, click here, here and here. Go, create one, too. Be Mr. Picasso!

If you’d rather be an abstract artist, bomomo is perfect! It’s a little difficult, but more fun! It’s gonna test your patience, too. Here’s one of mine:

“Sail Away”

What do see in the picture? That’s the only one I was able to create so far. Will do more, definitely. 😀 Create your own bomomo abstract, too.

Thanks to Sherma for referring these sites to me! Love them, girl!

P.S. : Do share your pieces, peeps (especially the people in my blogrool)! Leave a link in the comments area. I’d love to see them!


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Food Trip @ Halo Cafe

Hunyo 6, 2008

Barkadas have another choice for an eat-out gimik: Halo Café. It is named so because of the kind of food they serve – light and healthy. This cozy little place is located at the Cubao Expo in Araneta Center. Here, diners can enjoy vegan dishes like the veggie burger and veggie burger steak, veggie medley lettuce wraps, and eggplant & cheese wholewheat tortilla. Halo also offers pasta dishes, so if you’re adventurous enough, you may want to try the spaghetti with malunggay pesto. They do not serve red meat; only chicken and tuna. Their line up of beverages are must-try. There’s the bohol coffee, bohol tsokolate, wheatgrass cold tea and Halo’s house specialty the tarragon tea.

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A Night of Food & Culture

Mayo 6, 2008

Last week’s night out is the closest thing I could think of of a summer getaway. It’s already the month of May and I haven’t been to any resort (beach, pool or spring). I went to the beach too early (February). 😀 My time—or should I say, mine and my officemates’ time—is occupied by the routine at work. Maybe all of us were too busy to notice that summer is slipping away, fast and unnoticed, and the thought of some summer adventure only occurred to us in passing. Haay…

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Avilon, the Second Time Around

Abril 6, 2008

The first time I visited Avilon Zoo a couple of years back, I really loved the experience!

Welcome to Avilon Zoo

Yesterday (April 5), together with some friends from work, I spent a whole day at Avilon Zoo for the second time, and boy, I had a wonderful time! As they say, the second time is always sweeter, well in this case, much, much better than the first since a lot of improvement had been done by the administration of the zoological park (and still doing more until now, kudos to them).

Unlike my first visit, our small group didn’t hire a tour guide. Since I’ve been there before, maybe I’ll just be the tour guide (minus the explanation about the animals, of course! 😀 ). Avilon Zoo is a seven hectare park and it’s fun to get lost at such a big place when you’re with carefree, good-tempered people. Nobody complained about all the walking, the heat or to those who arrived a little late. All of us just had fun! And I’d like to share just how much fun we had.

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Weekend Gardening

Setyembre 3, 2007

Something to do on a not-so-busy weekend–gardening!

That’s what my sister and my aunt did a few Saturdays ago.


The busy gardeners, seriously committed to create a nice work of art in this little corner in the yard.

 plants2.jpg  plants1.jpg

All in place after hours of labor. Love the Zen-looking arrangement in the center!


The eager little helper (read: saling-pusa!).



They’ve got new plants yesterday. I think they’re planning to rearrange the little garden again. 😀

Big–Ratatouille Flavored–Dream

Agosto 21, 2007

remy.jpg I finally had a taste of Ratatouille yesterday. Not the French dish, but the latest Pixar/Disney animated film. When I first saw its trailer, my impression was it’s melodramatic—a story of a sorry-looking guy who wants to be a chef and a rat that has talent in the kitchen. To say that I had fun is an understatement. Even my mom, who rarely watches animated movies, had a grand time. Ratatouille premiered in Philippine cinemas on July 25. The theater was surprisingly full when we watched, considering that it’s running on its 4th week. And the film seemed to have attracted more adult audience than children.

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Dam(n), it’s La Mesa!

Agosto 2, 2007

Do you love nature trips?

Yesterday, August 1, I became an instant photographer for a colleague. I did it willingly, since I love nature trips. We went to La Mesa Eco Park, which is located in East Fairview, Quezon City. I knew of the existence of La Mesa Watershed and heard about the park inside, but I didn’t know that the park had been there since the time of the Marcoses. It was only when I was asked to take photos did I do a little reading about La Mesa and learned that in April 2004, it was rehabilitated and made into a nature park, thus, the birth of the La Mesa Eco Park.


La Mesa Eco Park offers numerous amenities that visitors can enjoy. It’s known as the only park in Manila that has salt-water (said to be healthier) pools open to the public. Aside from the pools, there are picnic and biking areas for families to enjoy. Marvel at the flower terraces or go fishing at the nearby lagoon.

salt-pool.jpg flower-terraces.jpg fishing-lagoon.jpg

The salt-water swimming pool, the stairs that lead to the top of the flower terraces, and the fishing lagoon.

The park has a fitness trail, too, for the health and fitness buffs. In front of fitness trail entrance is a man-made lagoon that is covered by green moss (I don’t know what it’s called). It’s actually my favorite area. In the middle of the lagoon is a sculpture of Neptune and Aphrodite riding a giant sea turtle (pawikan), honed by—according to our tour guide—national artist Napoleon Abueva. It’s a beautiful creation. Looking at it from the back, it seems to be moving away from you; like it has a definite destination and the sea turtle is determined to bring its passengers where they want to go.

path.jpg n-abueva.jpg sail-on.jpg

The path to the Fitness Trail, NA’s sculpture–front and back views.

There’s a boating area a few meters away from the Eco Center (Pangasiwaan), with a view of the old dam at one side. Another must-see/must-visit area is the Orchidarium. It’s an enclosed trail with varieties of orchids placed in various parts of the circular sanctuary. I’m sure it’s a sight to behold when the flowers are in bloom. It’s my second best. You can spend long quiet hours to just relax or hide from the scorching heat of the sun, with only the birds and butterflies to keep you company.


The boating area, entance to the Orchidarium, shaded from the noon star, a bench to rest as you go around the orchid garden.

It’s nice to know that a place like La Mesa Eco Park exists in the heart of the metropolis. But there’s still a lot to be done to improve it. And we can give our own little share by visiting this nature park. The entrance fee is around 50 pesos. Not only will you be helping preserve and maintain it, you will also be one with nature. Go and try, spend at least a day in La Mesa Eco Park—on a Sunday perhaps, with your family or friends. It’s a nice place to escape the buzz and pollution of the city. 🙂

Caleruega (Philippines) Weekend

Hunyo 7, 2007

If you want to spend some quiet moments, refresh your mind, feel close to nature and God, Caleruega is the perfect place to go; located in Brgy. Kaylayaw, Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas. As described in the flyer given to visitors at the gate, Caleruga is a house (place) of prayer and renewal. It is equipped with facilities for activities like retreats, recollections, prayer and renewal workshops, and other religious and environmental-related assemblies. But you can also go for a day’s visit. Like what I did last weekend. For 30 pesos entrance fee, you can enjoy the breathtaking views, clear your mind and find peace.

hanging flowers red flower blue flowers

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To the beach, I must go

Abril 19, 2007

I think I’m the only person in the whole Philippine archipelago who haven’t enjoyed the waters yet until now. And it’s midsummer already! Going to any of the resorts near Metro Manila didn’t even cross my mind. Some of my friends have invited me to join their weekend getaways but I’m so tamad to go. So I’d usually end up  holing up in my little bedroom at home reading a book or daydreaming (and I’m the shore of Bolo in Tiwi, Albaytoo old for this!) on weekends. I’m just so lazy to do any outdoor activity this summer. The blazing summer sun just wouldn’t permit me to go out and it makes me feel dizzy.

But a few days ago, I saw a picture of the shoreline of a local beach in my family’s hometown. It looks so refreshing. I can almost feel the cool breeze touching my face. It may not be the white sand beach most people prefer, it’s still one of the most beautiful and peaceful places for me.

I reckon I’m missing the point why the summer season is here: for us to enjoy the beauty nature has to offer during this time that we can’t appreciate anymore when the rainy months have arrived. by-the-shore.jpg

So I made a promise to myself to visit at least one beach resort before summer says goodbye. I don’t care if I have to go alone. It can be the perfect time for me to distress, get away from the crowded metropolis and breathe some real fresh air.

If anyone can suggest a nice affordable place accessible from Manila, I’d appreciate it very much. 😉 No pool resorts, please.

Zaturnnah (Ze Muzikal) Rocks!

Mayo 5, 2006

zaturnna-haI had the chance to finally watch the much-talked stage adaptation of Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah—the story of an ordinary parlorista, Ada (christened Adrian, played by Tuxqs Rutaquio) who came to possess extraordinary abilities when he swallowed a weird-looking—size and texture—stone and eventually becomes the hero(ine), as Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, of his barrio defeating a giant frog, zombies and men-hating planet women. Indeed it is a story of bravery, not from possessing immeasurable strength, but having the courage to accept ones self as a whole person—capable of loving and being loved—and daring to take a step and make a change.

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