Hunyo 29, 2008

In Bicol almost everything is cooked with coconut milk; including snacks. One good example of that is pinakro (click if you understand Bikol), wherein banana, root tubers like cassava, or even sticky rice is cooked in coconut milk until tender. It’s very easy to prepare and you only need a few ingredients.

While Frank (the typhoon last Sunday, June 22) was busy lashing the whole country, I remembered that dad brought back from Bicol a variety of  banana called pinipita — that’s what it’s called in Bikol. It’s firmer than saba. Here’s how this kind of banana looks:



peeled and sliced

Anyway, I thought of cooking these bananas–unripe and just perfect for pinakro–instead of just looking out the window, watching some falling trees and leaves flying in all direction or just listening to the  angry howling of the wind. I went with the taskfast: washed the bananas, peeled and sliced them in quarters so they’d cook fast. I soaked them in water (to pevent discoloration) while I squeezed the niyog. You can use canned coconut but I prefer the ‘real’ niyog. Mas masarap. 😀

On with the cooking. I placed the sliced bananas in a pot, poured the coconut milk, added a dash of salt and brown sugar, covered the pot and placed it on the stove. By the way, I used the coconut milk obtained from the second squeezing and set aside the kakang gata (coconut milk obtained from the first squeezing). After 5 or 10 minutes, when half of the coconut milk has evaporated, I added the kakang gata, then covered the pot again. I only had to wait for a few more minutes and voila! Yum-yum merienda. Look:

Presenting: Pinakrong Batag (banana)

A closer look.

You can sprinkle sugar on top — a lot if you like. Or dip it in honey. I think that would really taste good. Haven’t tried it though. 😀

Food Trip @ Halo Cafe

Hunyo 6, 2008

Barkadas have another choice for an eat-out gimik: Halo Café. It is named so because of the kind of food they serve – light and healthy. This cozy little place is located at the Cubao Expo in Araneta Center. Here, diners can enjoy vegan dishes like the veggie burger and veggie burger steak, veggie medley lettuce wraps, and eggplant & cheese wholewheat tortilla. Halo also offers pasta dishes, so if you’re adventurous enough, you may want to try the spaghetti with malunggay pesto. They do not serve red meat; only chicken and tuna. Their line up of beverages are must-try. There’s the bohol coffee, bohol tsokolate, wheatgrass cold tea and Halo’s house specialty the tarragon tea.

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Abril 24, 2008

You can do away with the usual fast-food fried chicken meal if you’re dining out on a budget. Cavana, a restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes, is a great alternative. You’ll find an array of not just chicken meal but other tasty dishes, too. You’re sure to find something that will suit your taste and within your budget.

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Adarna: More Than a Mystical Bird

Marso 23, 2008

I am not referring to the publishing house. 😀

Recently, I discovered a restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City that serves delicious authentic Filipino dishes. Diners can take their pick of favorite dishes from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

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Wednesday Breakfast

Pebrero 21, 2008

Because it was Wednesday and had to hurry, had to have quick breakfast and this is what I had:


The strawberries were a bit sour but still good. I was dreaming of eating some more the whole day. 😀

Spice, Spice!

Nobyembre 14, 2007


I’ve grown a liking to one of Jollibee’s spicy burgers–Yum Cheesy Chili con Carne burger. Being born and raised in Bicol, I’m used to the spicy/chili (puwede ring super-anghang D ) taste.You’ve got to try this one. Really good. The chili con carne blends well with the burger (beef patty) and cheese. Oh, well, chili con carne’s more delicious with lots of cheese in it (I use cheese to salt my chili con).Pag na-try mo, I’m sue you’re gonna love it, too. Parang gusto mong sabayan si Sarah Geronimo na sumayaw habang kumakanta ng “Spice, spice burger!”


My cheesy chili con carne burger… yummy merienda. Mmmmm…

Semi-French Dinner

Agosto 28, 2007

I was able to prepare ratatouille for dinner yeaterday! Now, I present to you my own version of the French dish.


What do you think? I served it with tender, peppered meat strips.


They–the family–told me it was delicious (my mom’s asking for the recipe 🙂 ) and I don’t think they were patronizing me. Most of the time, I’m the worst critic of my own creation. But not last night. I absolutely love the dish! I like the combination of the tastes of each vegetable–which you have to cook separately then combine afterwards. You kind of preserve their individual flavor by doing that.

We were all marveling at its taste. Not a single veggie was left in the serving plate afterwards (hmmm… I wonder who ate the Bay leaf). Simut-sarap talaga!