Answer in Four

I’m still pissed off with some smelly expat at work. He’s caused too much trouble that our working environment’s not too conducive to even invite a slight streak of creativity from anyone. Good thing, I thought of hopping to Rhapsody’s and saw this tag. Might as well do it; it’d at least keep my mind away (even for a while) from the cause of my stress these days!

Here’s the rule…

Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your list! Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.

1. Four places I go over and over





2. Four people who e-mails me regularly

Serious e-mails or forwarded ones?

An uncle in Australia

A friend in Dubai

My sister

Another friend who’s also a former colleague

3. Four of my favorite places to eat?

Adarna Food & Culture (good food, lovely ambialce)

Pan de Amerikana, Marikina (very affordable food, really nice ambiance)

Beach House in UP (I miss the barbecue!)

Pancake House (for the pancakes and waffles, ofcourse!)

4. Four places you’d rather be?





5. Four TV shows I could watch over and over.

Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style (naaaliw ako dito talaga)

The rest would be shows from GMA (needed in my work; have to be updated with the programs)

6. Four people I think (and hope) will respond.





Do this meme guys, okay!

12 Responses to Answer in Four

  1. Rhapsody ay nagsasabing:

    hi salve! thanks for completing this meme! ako may utang pa rin sayo hehhe… di ko pa tapos na-stuck sa draft ko hehehe..

  2. sonnetshaven ay nagsasabing:

    Mare, I’m done:)

  3. len ay nagsasabing:

    I just did this one, Avi. Thanks for the tag. :p

  4. Aling Peppay ay nagsasabing:


    bayad na ko ha! he..he.. nagawa ko na po! thanks!

  5. raft3r ay nagsasabing:

    kamusta ang bday girl?

    sinagot ko to sa blog ni sonnet’s, ah

  6. hitokirihoshi ay nagsasabing:

    ah naka-tag din pala ako
    gawin ko pag-free na ako

  7. Tagalog « my weblog ay nagsasabing:

    […] Answer in Four I’m still pissed off with some smelly expat at work. He’s caused too much trouble that our working […] […]

  8. mitsuru ay nagsasabing:

    why don’t you leave a rexona in his drawer or table so he’ll get the whiff er drift. hehe

  9. raft3r ay nagsasabing:

    kapuso ka din pala

  10. clarisseteagen ay nagsasabing:

    I know how tags are. They’re such fun sometimes 🙂

  11. raft3r ay nagsasabing:

    hey, salve
    paramdamn ka naman dyan!
    gawa-gawa ng kunti

  12. witchy ay nagsasabing:

    I’ll do this tag too! Thanks for dropping by Salv, ‘ansarap ng fud here! Ganda dito ah, pinoy na pinoy… I love it!

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