In Bicol almost everything is cooked with coconut milk; including snacks. One good example of that is pinakro (click if you understand Bikol), wherein banana, root tubers like cassava, or even sticky rice is cooked in coconut milk until tender. It’s very easy to prepare and you only need a few ingredients.

While Frank (the typhoon last Sunday, June 22) was busy lashing the whole country, I remembered that dad brought back from Bicol a variety ofΒ  banana called pinipita — that’s what it’s called in Bikol. It’s firmer than saba. Here’s how this kind of banana looks:



peeled and sliced

Anyway, I thought of cooking these bananas–unripe and just perfect for pinakro–instead of just looking out the window, watching some falling trees and leaves flying in all direction or just listening to theΒ  angry howling of the wind. I went with the taskfast: washed the bananas, peeled and sliced them in quarters so they’d cook fast. I soaked them in water (to pevent discoloration) while I squeezed the niyog. You can use canned coconut but I prefer the ‘real’ niyog. Mas masarap. πŸ˜€

On with the cooking. I placed the sliced bananas in a pot, poured the coconut milk, added a dash of salt and brown sugar, covered the pot and placed it on the stove. By the way, I used the coconut milk obtained from the second squeezing and set aside the kakang gata (coconut milk obtained from the first squeezing). After 5 or 10 minutes, when half of the coconut milk has evaporated, I added the kakang gata, then covered the pot again. I only had to wait for a few more minutes and voila! Yum-yum merienda. Look:

Presenting: Pinakrong Batag (banana)

A closer look.

You can sprinkle sugar on top — a lot if you like. Or dip it in honey. I think that would really taste good. Haven’t tried it though. πŸ˜€

12 Responses to Pinakro

  1. joanne ay nagsasabing:

    te bhie miz q n yan he he he..masiramon paghilingon

    Salve: jo, magduman ka sa harong. maluto giraray kitang pinakro. πŸ˜€

  2. brainteaser ay nagsasabing:



    Salve: all gone, girl. πŸ˜€

  3. vhiel ay nagsasabing:

    hey sis.. dropping by and check out my latest giveaway..

    enjoy your weekend.

  4. dpuge ay nagsasabing:

    Aru! talagang masiramon ang pinakro habang pinagsasabay ang pagwawalis sa bakuran. Ika nga ni Gary V. “sana maulit” kailan kaya uli un? hehehehehehehehe

    Salve: next time, linsa naman ipakro ta, kuya. πŸ˜€

  5. virtualfriend ay nagsasabing:

    Sabi ni “Claudine”, kailangan daw na punong-puno ng pagmamahal pag piniga mo ang gata para malinamnam!

    Sabi ko naman, depende sa variety ng niog, ke maliit, ke malaki, huwag biglain ang pagpiga! πŸ˜›

    Salve: Bakit wag biglain, VF? πŸ˜€
    Musta na po, tatang.

  6. len ay nagsasabing:

    For someone who’s dad is a Bikolano, I didn’t know this dish.Salamat at nagdala ka nito sa office, naging tao ako. nyahaha

    Salve: I’m glad. I-enjoy mo yang pagiging tao mo. hehehe. πŸ˜€

  7. sonnetshaven ay nagsasabing:

    Thank you for bringing some of that Pinakro to office, mare:) I enjoyed our meryenda because of it:)

  8. chinita ay nagsasabing:

    super siram! got here through’s cbox.. kakainis tong post mo, nagcrave tuloy me ki pinakro ni pa. maray kaini mag uli..

  9. raft3r ay nagsasabing:


    don’t do this
    sobra miss ko na anything pinoy!

  10. mitsuru ay nagsasabing:

    nagutom lugod ako. sige ta mauli na ako sa tiwi ora mismo. hehe

  11. dex ay nagsasabing:

    I miss pinakro hehe.

    Link ex? πŸ˜€

  12. erica ay nagsasabing:

    Thanks for the recipe. Too bad mayu igdi ning fresh coconut milk. Anas nasa lata. 😦

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