Food Trip @ Halo Cafe

Barkadas have another choice for an eat-out gimik: Halo Café. It is named so because of the kind of food they serve – light and healthy. This cozy little place is located at the Cubao Expo in Araneta Center. Here, diners can enjoy vegan dishes like the veggie burger and veggie burger steak, veggie medley lettuce wraps, and eggplant & cheese wholewheat tortilla. Halo also offers pasta dishes, so if you’re adventurous enough, you may want to try the spaghetti with malunggay pesto. They do not serve red meat; only chicken and tuna. Their line up of beverages are must-try. There’s the bohol coffee, bohol tsokolate, wheatgrass cold tea and Halo’s house specialty the tarragon tea.

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12 Responses to Food Trip @ Halo Cafe

  1. tet ay nagsabing:

    Hay naku lahat halos yan, natikman ko. malaman halos lahat ako nagvolunteer umorder. SARAP

    Salve: kaya nga dami nating natikman, no, ate? sapilitan mo kayang sinulat kung ano dapat orderin nila! hehehe😀

  2. sonnetshaven ay nagsabing:

    Mare, akala ko kasali ang wheatgrass plant box sa mga pagkain:)

    Salve: pwede rin, mare.😀

  3. raft3r ay nagsabing:

    mura, ha

    i’m planning on doing the healthy lifestyle na, e
    mapuntahan nga ito
    kaso di ko ata kaya yun may malunggay

    happy weekend, salve!

    Salve: try mo raft3r, kahit hindi yung malunggay.😀

  4. kengkay ay nagsabing:

    ako mas type ko yung lettuce na fresh e — pero gusto ko yung number three photo mo kasi miss ko na ang talong😀

    Salve: Sarap nyang eggplant and cheese tortilla. buti nga na-picture-ran ko pa. Ubos agad pagka-serve.😀

  5. aga ay nagsabing:

    tsarap naman!!!🙂

    Salve: hello, aga! thank you for visiting crumbs. try mo din ang food sa Halo. Siguradong me magugustuhan ka din dun.🙂

  6. hitokirihoshi ay nagsabing:

    bat wala yung tuna ko diyan! pero mukhang masarap ang mga veggies… chuz

    Salve: pano ko kaya mapi-picture-ran yung una steak e pagaka-serve, pinagkaguluhan agad? buti nga me natira pa sayo. hehehe

  7. brainteaser ay nagsabing:

    Love the place! Su-wer!

    As well as the ‘adventure’ we had trying to find the place. Hehehhehee

    Salve: Yun nga yun e! Kaya pala sarado pa pagdating natin kasi 3pm talaga sila nag-oopen.😀

  8. len ay nagsabing:

    Tama ka, Avi — for the brave and the adventurous lang ang spaghetti with malunggay pesto. haha

    Salve: brave ka na ring konti. hehehe. nakailang subo ka rin nung spag na may malunggay, di ba?😀

  9. barquera ay nagsabing:

    Nakaka gutom ah,, anu kaya ang lasa ng wheatgrass cold tea… at ang malunggay pesto gusto ko matikman…😉

    Salve: masarap yung wheatgrass tea, gusto ko sya. yung malunggay pesto, basta matapang ka, kaya mo yun!😀

  10. raft3r ay nagsabing:

    greetings from Cali!!!

  11. Lennie ay nagsabing:

    This little cafe is really a unique resto somewhere in Cubao..unique kc sobrang kakaiba talaga ang type of food na inooffer. U guys must try it…for u to believe..i even celebrated my 2008 b-day in this cafe, suprise ng bf ko..o dba? cyempre with the help ng one and only super charming owner..HALMEN. sobrang romantic place ng second floor…Basta, guys try nyo…i love their malunggay pasta!

  12. Lennie ay nagsabing:

    May landline/office number ba kau? pwede ba makuha? i am planning to organize a surprise party kc dyan sa place..please?

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