Playing Artist

Hunyo 30, 2008

Dreaming of creating your own art masterpiece one day?

Thanks to programs like Mr. Picasso Head and bomomo, now you can further explore your creativity. With Mr. Picasso Head, you can create your own Picasso-like piece. Really fun!

Here’s one of my creations:

Framed it and all so it’d look like a real painting. ๐Ÿ˜€ This is inspired by one of Pablo Picasso’s sketches.

What do you think of that one? To see the other pieces, click here, here and here. Go, create one, too. Be Mr. Picasso!

If you’d rather be an abstract artist, bomomo is perfect! It’s a little difficult, but more fun! It’s gonna test your patience, too. Here’s one of mine:

“Sail Away”

What do see in the picture? That’s the only one I was able to create so far. Will do more, definitely. ๐Ÿ˜€ Create your own bomomo abstract, too.

Thanks to Sherma for referring these sites to me! Love them, girl!

P.S. : Do share your pieces, peeps (especially the people in my blogrool)! Leave a link in the comments area. I’d love to see them!


check this out too:
Art Project


Hunyo 29, 2008

In Bicol almost everything is cooked with coconut milk; including snacks. One good example of that is pinakro (click if you understand Bikol), wherein banana, root tubers like cassava, or even sticky rice is cooked in coconut milk until tender. It’s very easy to prepare and you only need a few ingredients.

While Frank (the typhoon last Sunday, June 22) was busy lashing the whole country, I remembered that dad brought back from Bicol a variety ofย  banana called pinipita — that’s what it’s called in Bikol. It’s firmer than saba. Here’s how this kind of banana looks:



peeled and sliced

Anyway, I thought of cooking these bananas–unripe and just perfect for pinakro–instead of just looking out the window, watching some falling trees and leaves flying in all direction or just listening to theย  angry howling of the wind. I went with the taskfast: washed the bananas, peeled and sliced them in quarters so they’d cook fast. I soaked them in water (to pevent discoloration) while I squeezed the niyog. You can use canned coconut but I prefer the ‘real’ niyog. Mas masarap. ๐Ÿ˜€

On with the cooking. I placed the sliced bananas in a pot, poured the coconut milk, added a dash of salt and brown sugar, covered the pot and placed it on the stove. By the way, I used the coconut milk obtained from the second squeezing and set aside the kakang gata (coconut milk obtained from the first squeezing). After 5 or 10 minutes, when half of the coconut milk has evaporated, I added the kakang gata, then covered the pot again. I only had to wait for a few more minutes and voila! Yum-yum merienda. Look:

Presenting: Pinakrong Batag (banana)

A closer look.

You can sprinkle sugar on top — a lot if you like. Or dip it in honey. I think that would really taste good. Haven’t tried it though. ๐Ÿ˜€


Hunyo 12, 2008

Maligayang ika-110 Araw ng Kalayaan sa lahat ng Pilipino. Saang dako ka man naroroon, saludo sa iyo ang mundo. Ipagbunyi ang iyong kalayaan! Nawa’y patuloy mong pangalaan ang kalayaang ipinaglaban ng iyong mga ninuno at patuloy na makibaka para sa iyong dakilang bayan.

Laging taas-noo. Dahil ikaw ay malayang Pilipino.

(Larawang may kahalintulad na paksa)

Daddy’s Corner Tag

Hunyo 11, 2008

Been tagge by vhiel of Can of Thoughts. Sorry, if it took me a long time to do this. Still, thanks for tagging me. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Dad’s Day in just a few days. Time to honor the man who had provided well, nurtured and made me the way I am today. To my father, my mentor and the biggest influence in my life, thank you. For always understanding and never judging the choices I make. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m passing this tag to you, who is reading this post. Honor the man in your life (dad, husband, uncle…).

Happy Father’s Day, daddies!

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Started by Mitchteryosa

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Love Thy Body

Hunyo 8, 2008

We all know that we should love our body — whatever its shape may be. But sometimes, it’s one of the hardest thing to do. What with the stereotype of what is “beautiful,” the subliminal message in TV commercials and print ads. Because of these, we tend to “harm” our body and ourself trying so hard to look like those in advertisements. Believe that there’s more to you than your looks. Go for a positive body image! ๐Ÿ™‚

Seventeen has launched the Body Peace Project, and part of it is the Body Peace Treaty — that you must love the body you’re in.

Here’s a copy of the treaty:

Be a part of this project. Go to and add your signature!

Click here for more of the Body Peace Project.

Food Trip @ Halo Cafe

Hunyo 6, 2008

Barkadas have another choice for an eat-out gimik: Halo Cafรฉ. It is named so because of the kind of food they serve – light and healthy. This cozy little place is located at the Cubao Expo in Araneta Center. Here, diners can enjoy vegan dishes like the veggie burger and veggie burger steak, veggie medley lettuce wraps, and eggplant & cheese wholewheat tortilla. Halo also offers pasta dishes, so if you’re adventurous enough, you may want to try the spaghetti with malunggay pesto. They do not serve red meat; only chicken and tuna. Their line up of beverages are must-try. There’s the bohol coffee, bohol tsokolate, wheatgrass cold tea and Halo’s house specialty the tarragon tea.

Read more…

Adik sa Pelikula

Hunyo 2, 2008

A tag from Paolo of blacklinemedia.

1. One movie that made you laugh.
Believe it or not, it’s Sukob! While other people in the cinema were shouting/scared, my friend and I were laughing all throughout the movie because of one of the character’s really bad acting! (Kahit sa TV commercials nga, dir in maayos umarte, hay nuku!) ๐Ÿ˜€

2. One movie that made you cry.
La Vita รจ Bella (Life is Beautiful). This film gives you all the funny and cheerful stuff first, but towards the end it will trigger your emotion. Just thinking of the sacrifices a father has to do to make a normal life for his child during WWII and in a prison camp…

3. One movie you loved when you were a child.
Ay, mga movies ni Matet at saka ni Aiza kung minsan. ๐Ÿ˜€

4. One movie you’ve seen more than once.
Inuulit-ulit ko lahat ng movies na meron ako. ๐Ÿ˜€

5. One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it.
I’m not embarrassed to admit any movie I’ve seen. Lahat kinukwento ko. ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. One movie you hated.
Bruce Almighty. I don’t like the profanity in this film. Feeling ko nga blasphemous din sya.

7. One movie that scared you.
The Ring series – the original versions. Do I need to explain why? ๐Ÿ˜€

8. One movie that bored you.
Dalawa na sila ngayon, actually. Dati yung Dr. Zhivago lang! Sobrang haba ng movie na `to. Over sa dialogue. When I was watching this film on DVD, I fell asleep twice. Pag nagigising ako, di pa rin sya tapos! At usap pa rin ng usap yung mga characters. Across the Universe. The songs were great but, there’s something in the course of events that’s just not right. I fell asleep while watching it.

9. One movie that made you happy.
Europa Europa. Felt good watching this movie, lalo na pagdating sa ending. Parang nag-adventure sa buong Europa ang central character, kahit pa giyera.

10. One movie that made you miserable.
Jรบ Dรฒu. Don’t get me wrong, because Zhang Yimou is one of my favorite filmmakers. Maybe the plot of this film was too much for me when I first saw it. Maganda sya, pero nakakalungkot na medyo nakakainis din.

11. One movie you weren’t brave enough to see.
None so far. Yabang ko, no? ๐Ÿ˜€ Basta, kahit mag-isa talaga, nanonood ako ng horror films sa bahay. Ang lapit ko pa nyan sa TV o kaya sa monitor ng computer kasi ayoko magsalamin. hehehe

12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with.
Ngayon, si Amy Adams. Aliw na aliw ako sa kanya sa Enchanted saka sa Junebug.

13. The last movie you saw.
Outsourced. Dapat panoorin `to ng mga companies na mahilig mag-outsource sa kung saan-saang panig ng mundo.

14. The next movie you hope to see.
Urduja. Been waiting for it for months. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m passing this meme to: sonnet’s, hitokirihoshi, kengkay, rhapsody, misyel, witchy, and raft3r.