A Night of Food & Culture

Mayo 6, 2008

Last week’s night out is the closest thing I could think of of a summer getaway. It’s already the month of May and I haven’t been to any resort (beach, pool or spring). I went to the beach too early (February). 😀 My time—or should I say, mine and my officemates’ time—is occupied by the routine at work. Maybe all of us were too busy to notice that summer is slipping away, fast and unnoticed, and the thought of some summer adventure only occurred to us in passing. Haay…

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Merlin Club: Week 4

Mayo 6, 2008

It’s been a rewarding experience joining the Merlin Club. Really good to have met and befriended really nice people. The Merlin Club community will be on vacation for a while (until further notice from Blackline Media).

Here is the list of this week’s articles: