The first time I saw this during a commercial gap, I was laughing so hard afterwards. It’s really funny. And brilliant! Very creative. Enjoy watching and tell me what you think.
Some of my friends said that this ad is too intellectual for the Masang Pinoy. Partly true. One, it’s not hard sell. Two, there are no dialogues. Most Pinoys utilize commercial gaps to do other things or accomplish a chore. Three, the viewer is required to watch it from beginning to end or you wouldn’t understand the whole thing. Lastly, you have to read the sentence that appears before the last scene to have an idea what product is being advertised (product is only shown once — the last scene).
Still, I love it. It’s one of the good TVCs I’ve seen this year. Congratulations to the team who created it. )

5 Responses to Brilliant!

  1. witchy ay nagsasabing:

    Like you I was laughing too… and laughing ulit today. Very creative. It made my day really. How are you?

    Salve: galing, di ba?

  2. joy ay nagsasabing:

    Hey, that’s fantastic! It’s about time they produce ads that motivates the brain to think. Kudos to the ad creator! Love it.

    Thanks for visiting Your Love Coach and leaving your comments. Terribly sorry I’ve been busy decorating our new house and in the middle of packing, too. Once settled I shall be able to visit your blog more regularly. Have a great week ahead!

    A Pinay In England
    I, Woman
    Norwich Daily Photo

    Salve: I agree, Doc.
    Good luck with house decorating. Packing is one tiring task, then you’ll have to unpack everything pag nakalipat na. I know the feeling. Ganyan ako nung ang hilig ko pa magpalipat-lipat ng apartment.

  3. Cliff ay nagsasabing:

    I love this blog coz I know the sweet owner, Manay Salve.

    Pero, last time I came here na naka-full yung volume ng mga speakers ko including the sub-woofer, and wham, BOOM BOOM BOOM goes the music!

    -nagka-trauma yung pusa ko!


    musta ateng?

    Now, I like the music.

    Ei, can you put a Vivaldi instead? I’ll buy a bottle of chianti.

    Salve: Hello, Tatang! Nice to see you here again. Para sayo talaga ang music na yan. 😀 Vivaldi will be back in April.

  4. Len ay nagsasabing:

    I was all smiles, too, the first time I saw this commercial. Creatively done! :p

    Salve: Sana marami pang ganyang TVC, para naman napapaisip ang mga tao.

  5. Antonette ay nagsasabing:

    I didn’t pay attention to the details that’s why I didn’t get it the first time I saw it.

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