Gloomy News

Life is full of unexpected events, happy and sad. Before noon today, I received a not-so-good news from one of my friends, telling me that she needs to go home because her brother-in-law met an accident early this morning and she needs to be there for her sister.

I know her sister fairly well. I have met her husband (then her boyfriend) a few years back and at their wedding early this year. They were evidently happy that day. And who wouldn’t be? It was a start of a lifetime together. To complete their happiness, God blessed them with a cute and-although born premature-very healthy little girl. Who would ever think that something could taint this perfect picture?

But the accident happened. Early today, her husband left the house to take care of some paperwork for their business. But he wasn’t able to do what he needed to do. He fell from his motorcycle after stopping at Shell for gas. He was brought to the hospital. I think he suffered head injuries because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. When he woke up, he was able to recognize his wife, but doesn’t remember about his daughter when her name was mentioned.

He could be suffering from a certain kind of amnesia, but the doctors hadn’t said anything yet. According to my friend, the hospital people need to perform head and neck CT scans before they can give a definite diagnosis. I’m hoping it’s just memory lapse, not amnesia, that in the next 24 hours he’d remember everything. I’d hate hear my friend’s sister go through another emotional blow (she cried a lot when her baby was born premature). She’d be devastated.

Until now, I’m still a little shocked. If I wasn’t working when I got my friend’s SMS, I probably would have cried. It never occurred to me that it (if he has amnesia) really happens in real life-not just in books and movies-and someone I know!

Whoever reads this, please help me pray for his immediate recovery and for his wife and daughter. Let us also from this. Always wear a helmet when riding a motorbike. We need protection because we’re not invincible.


Let me share parts of some of the SMS my friend sent me:

  • paggising ko bad news agad. iyak ng iyak si Ada, naaksidente si Ambet. Me amnesia e. Di kilala ang anak nya. sino daw si Keeshia.
  • Kilala nya si Ada. Kaya talaga atungal si Ada e binanggit si Keeshia, sino daw Keeshia. Grabe. Uwi kami maya.
  • Pati daw leeg dapat i-CT sacan
  • Nagpa-gas lang daw sa Shell, tas nag-slide sa motor. Kaya mas naniiyak si Ada e kaya nagpa-gas e dahil aasikasuhin yung loan sa bank para sa store nila, tas nagakaganun.
  • Ala pa result, kaka-CT scan lang daw. Baka maya pa malalaman.

6 Responses to Gloomy News

  1. cliff ay nagsasabing:

    I hope and pray that by the time you’ll read this, Ambet is already hugging Keeshia.

    Musta na Ateng!

  2. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    i hope so, too, tatang. although i haven’t heard from my friend yet, i’ve been trying to reach her since morning.

    mabyuting-mabyuti pa rin ako, tatang. ikaw, how are you? kelan ka namin ie-expect na magbalik-bayan? 🙂

  3. Sherma ay nagsasabing:

    I hope things turn out fine…

  4. edtajchman ay nagsasabing:

    Here’s to hoping it all turns out well,..

  5. Rhapsody ay nagsasabing:

    i really hope & pray for his speedy recovery & strength for his wife & family..

  6. joy ay nagsasabing:

    I’m sorry to hear the bad news. Any improvement? I hope that he will recover his precious memory soon.

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