Sleepless Night

Setyembre 25, 2007

Last night was one of those nights again; I couldn’t sleep no matter how I tried. I wasn’t worried about anything; in fact I was very relaxed, more relaxed compared to other evenings, so was really looking forward to a peaceful slumber. But the late-night news programs were all finished and I was still very much awake. I didn’t feel like reading a book, so I opted for movies. I switched on the DVD player and chose some cheesy films, hoping to fall asleep while watching. Not that I don’t like mushy films, I just prefer watching them during the day. 😀

Anyway, I started with My Big Fat Greek Wedding. After an hour and a half, I was still awake so I watched another movie, Two Weeks Notice. More than an hour later, film finished and me still awake. Hmm… a third film should do it, hence came How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Soon it was 5 A.M, time to prepare for work. Third film finished and I haven’t slept a wink!


I arrived at the office very early today, which is really unusual. Oh, well, times like this is the only time I’m early–after a sleepless night. 😀