Semi-French Dinner

I was able to prepare ratatouille for dinner yeaterday! Now, I present to you my own version of the French dish.


What do you think? I served it with tender, peppered meat strips.


They–the family–told me it was delicious (my mom’s asking for the recipe 🙂 ) and I don’t think they were patronizing me. Most of the time, I’m the worst critic of my own creation. But not last night. I absolutely love the dish! I like the combination of the tastes of each vegetable–which you have to cook separately then combine afterwards. You kind of preserve their individual flavor by doing that.

We were all marveling at its taste. Not a single veggie was left in the serving plate afterwards (hmmm… I wonder who ate the Bay leaf). Simut-sarap talaga!


6 Responses to Semi-French Dinner

  1. Len ay nagsasabing:

    yum, yum! Sana nagdala ka sa office! :p

  2. cliff ay nagsasabing:

    Ei, dinner for two Salve?

    I’ll bring the wine. I’ll light the candles but I don’t like your music right now!


  3. tayns ay nagsasabing:

    promise me girl you’ll cook that for me. 🙂

  4. cliff ay nagsasabing:

    ei Tayns, how about a vrai plat français -“escargots”? adobong garden snails gusto ninyo? hehehe.

    Sherma? she’ll do the dishes. i don’t trust her in front of the kaserola!

  5. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    @len, cge i’ll bring some next time. 😀

    @tatang, tara dinner tayo. libre mo o ikaw ang magluto. i’ll help out na lang. si tayns at sherma, tambakan natin ng hugasin. favorite nilang gawain yun. hehehe

    @tayns, you buy the ingredients, i’ll cook. 😀

  6. Sherma ay nagsasabing:

    C Tayns na lang maghugas.

    Ako mag-set ng table. Nyehehehehe

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