(Another Case of) Misplaced Brain

Last month, I posted an entry titled Misplaced Brain. Then yesterday, I think I found another case when my friend Len sent me a link to an entry in Ederic Eder’s site about a certain newspaper columnist named Malu Fernandez. Those who know who the subject of my former entry, I’m a hundred percent sure, will agree that that person is saint if placed next to Ms. Fernandez. Anyway,  Malu Fernandez wrote a piece in People Asia June 2007 issue about her Boracay and Greece vacations. But, maybe, in trying to be cool about her experiences, she included demeaning remarks in her article. Sadly, the objects of her whining were also Filipinos, whom she considered inferior compared to her. You can read the whole article by clicking the following pictures, that I downloaded from Tingog.com:

                         people-asia-p30.jpg     people-asia-p31.jpg

If I had been as privileged as she is, I would have considered the experience an adventure, not torture. For a true artist (writers are considered artists, right? Since they’re among the creative) there are no mundane events.  But if you can’t stomach being surrounded by “ordinary” people (like Ms. Fernandez) then don’t take the economy class. Postpone your trip and wait for a more suitable plane booking. I don’t know if bragging about your signature belongings should be part of a travel article or any article or column. I think being given a column in a newspaper or magazine is a privilege that one must utilize to inform and inspire. Her article’s like a diary entry of a bratty teenager.

It’s a sad truth that persons like her do exist. But knowing that, I can’t be more prouder that I belong to the “ordinary.”


For detailed discussion, please go to Tingog.com. They have a campaign to fire Ms. Fernandez, boycott Manila Standard Today (where she has a column) and People Asia.

13 Responses to (Another Case of) Misplaced Brain

  1. Ederic ay nagsasabing:

    Balita ko, hinahanap daw ng isang TV network si Ms Fernandez para makaharap niya on air ang Pinoy bloggers. 🙂

  2. cliff ay nagsasabing:

    Walandyo Salve. Next time she comes to Europe, give her my address at isasagang ko siya sa mga Ilokano dito. Pakakainin namin ng utak ng kambing hehehehe!

    Yup, another misplaced brain. When the I-Witness team came here three years ago, they were so lovable I can’t take my eyes off the ‘girl’!



  3. Len ay nagsasabing:

    When you heard about a Filipino bashing another Filipino would really pissed you off. And then you read a Filipino columnist making pun of our OFWs in her column — our modern-day heroes — is infuriating if not ireful!

    What she wrote in her column is actually not a piece of a writer who’s supposedly logical and sensitive; it’s a work of a plain egotist. You just got to pity her.

  4. Sherma ay nagsasabing:

    That article is published? My goodness, that kind of article wouldn’t even land on any page in my blog… and I’ve always thought my blog’s so mababaw!

  5. hitokirihoshi_kawaii ay nagsasabing:

    Ferguson sake! alien ba yan? exile malu fenandez!

  6. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    yes, sherma. it was published. and she was paid for the rubbish she wrote!

  7. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    ano’ng magagawa ng utak ng kambing, tatang?sasayad na ba sa lupa ang paa ng babaeng ito pag kumain nun?

    hay, naku! i wish i know how to get rid of people like her! para syang peste!

  8. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    hitokirihoshi, anong lugar ang masa-suggest mo? o planeta kaya? may tatanggap kaya sa kanya?

  9. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    no, len. i won’t even pity her.

  10. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    sana nga mahanap siya, ederic.

  11. hitokirihoshi_kawaii ay nagsasabing:

    tapon siya sa dagat-dagatang algae

  12. OFW Doha, Qatar ay nagsasabing:


    This is not mandatory.. At least we have to lessen our remittances..

    Every 1USD that the OFW’s will cut from the remittance will have a deductive effect of 8,000,000.00 USD for the Philippine government, so, if we all tighten our belts and say lessen our remittance for say 200.00 USD for three (3) months, the government will have a temporary deficit of ;
    200.00 x 3 months = 600.00 USD x 8,000,000.00 = 4,800,000,000.00 (this is 4.8 billion USD) If we will convert this figure at the prevailing rate of 45 Php per 1 USD this is equivalent to 216,000,000,000.00 PhP. (two hundred sixteen billion pesos na to) I’m sure this figure will be really worth dealing in a civilized manner. (Iilaw na ang mga mata ng mga nasa negotiating panel ).

    This is our (OFW) united effort in terms of monetary value. Which the government “seems” to neglect for the very reason that we are not united… and they can step on our nose.. but for as long as we can endure the pain… we should not resort to this option. Unless otherwise kailangan mo nang ibagsak ang huling baraha..

    Pls disseminate to others….let us join hand for this cause……tama na ang panggagatas at pampapalubang loob ng gobyerno sa ating mga OFW….sasabihin bagong bayani daw pero naghihirap pa din……tama na ang kalokohang iyan………gising na kami…..wala ng epekto yan…..sa mga katulad kong OFW din,…

    Kailangan din nating protektahan ang mga makabuluhan nating mga interes…para sa ating pag asenso ng dina tayo palaging lumalayo pa sa mga mahal natin sa buhay at sa ating mga pamilya para lang makapag trabaho ng maayos di ba?……..

    Let us support this cause……pls limit your remittances of your hard earned dollars…….let us hold them……ipunin nyo na muna ditto sa abroad…..sa loob ng anim na buwan makikita ninyo ang epekto ng ipinaghihinaing natin sa gobyerno…..

    Ito lang ang paraan sa pambabalewala nila sa mga hinaing natin……

    Di naman tumataas ang sweldo natin sa abroad kapag nakapirma ka na ng kontrata dib a?…..Pero bumababa lalo ang ating kita…..dahil sa pagtaas ng halaga ng peso…samantalang patuloy naman sa pagtaas ang mga bilihin at serbisyong kakailanganin natin sa atin……..

    Kumilos na tayo mga OFW…….sama sama…….kapit bisig mga kapatid……holdyour remittances…..

    OFWs hit govt for remittance rule
    Overseas Filipino workers are up in arms over the government’s proposal for them to send their remittances solely through the Philippine Postal Savings Bank.

    “Yes it (government) is willing to give us a special rate, provided we course our remittances through their favorite Postal Saving Bank,” said Francis Oca in an e-mail from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    Oca, a certified public accountant who has beenin Riyadh for the last 23 years, said he feels insulted by the proposal.

    Oca questioned a proposal by Malacañang that was backed by President Arroyo’s economic managers to allocate $1 billion in funding to exporters for a preferential peso-dollar exchange rate.

    The proposal came amid the continued improvement of the peso against the US dollar. From 56 in September 2005, the peso now averages at 45:$1.

    “I think we have had enough; I think it is high time that we show some muscle.” He suggested to fellow OFWs to “cut remittances by half during the next six months.”

    Vic Barrazona, another Saudi OFW, meanwhile, said that Oca’s proposal may not be acceptable to other migrant Filipino workers.

    “If a low-income OFW is sending a monthly remittance of US$200, cutting it to half may have an adverse affect to his beneficiaries,” Barrazona said.

    He suggested a 5-10 percent reduction in remittances for all OFWs. “It will have a better chance of positive response from our ranks.”

    The issue started this year as the peso continued to improve against the dollar.

    Migrant workers said their remittances are no longer worth the same because of the peso performance.

    Exporters, meanwhile, are also feeling the pinch because the appreciation of the Philippine currency would mean a bigger loss for them every time the peso goes up against the dollar.

    On Wednesday, the peso closed weaker at 45.83 against the greenback, lower than Tuesday’s 45.34.

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