(Another Case of) Misplaced Brain

Agosto 23, 2007

Last month, I posted an entry titled Misplaced Brain. Then yesterday, I think I found another case when my friend Len sent me a link to an entry in Ederic Eder’s site about a certain newspaper columnist named Malu Fernandez. Those who know who the subject of my former entry, I’m a hundred percent sure, will agree that that person is saint if placed next to Ms. Fernandez. Anyway,  Malu Fernandez wrote a piece in People Asia June 2007 issue about her Boracay and Greece vacations. But, maybe, in trying to be cool about her experiences, she included demeaning remarks in her article. Sadly, the objects of her whining were also Filipinos, whom she considered inferior compared to her. You can read the whole article by clicking the following pictures, that I downloaded from Tingog.com:

                         people-asia-p30.jpg     people-asia-p31.jpg

If I had been as privileged as she is, I would have considered the experience an adventure, not torture. For a true artist (writers are considered artists, right? Since they’re among the creative) there are no mundane events.  But if you can’t stomach being surrounded by “ordinary” people (like Ms. Fernandez) then don’t take the economy class. Postpone your trip and wait for a more suitable plane booking. I don’t know if bragging about your signature belongings should be part of a travel article or any article or column. I think being given a column in a newspaper or magazine is a privilege that one must utilize to inform and inspire. Her article’s like a diary entry of a bratty teenager.

It’s a sad truth that persons like her do exist. But knowing that, I can’t be more prouder that I belong to the “ordinary.”


For detailed discussion, please go to Tingog.com. They have a campaign to fire Ms. Fernandez, boycott Manila Standard Today (where she has a column) and People Asia.