Happy Birthday… to me!

Agosto 13, 2007

birthdaycake.jpgThere are a lot of things I wish I had on my birthday, like this topsy turvy cake that I saw in pinkcakebox, which looks chaotic but definitely fun or their quinceañera cake because it’s decorated with butterflies, and I do love those creatures. But I’m no quinceañera celebrant (that’s more than a decade ago) nor am I from the Latin Americas to celebrate that. 😀

I wish I had a grand party and received tons of presents. I wish I had bought something for myself, like a new phone or other electronic gadget.  

I can go on and on with my wishlist, but wishing for material things is too childish. I’m happy with the quiet celebration I had on my birthday on the 12th–with the family and me and Yki blowing the birthday candle together. And I got a hundred greetings from friends and family as early as midnight. That’s more than enough.

And so I’ll ask for things that have no monetary equivalent: wisdom for better judgment, better health, stronger faith, and more friendship. 🙂


The Quinceañera cake from pincakekbox. Pretty & sweet isn’t it?


P.S If you plan to give me some belated birthday present, I’d be glad to accept them! 😀