We’re all in this together

I copy-pasted this post from my friend Sherma’s blog. At the moment, we, together with our other friend Tayns and Sherma’s brother Ogie, have made a rather BIG–maybe the biggest–decision in our lives. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re taking this HUGE step together. As I’ve told Sherma, this is going to be a FUN “jump.” Risky, but fun. 


(Reversible Suicide Part II)

Soon, it’s jump time once again. This next jump would be the biggest — and the riskiest — jump of my career. But somehow, I don’t feel as scared as I was in my previous jumps. Come to think of it, I was hardly scared then.

During my previous jumps, I was aware that there was no net to catch me. But I was also sure of the things I could do, of the things I could offer, so I never worried about not landing on solid ground. And solid ground, I always found.

This time, however, I am sure there is a net somewhere — a net that would prevent me from hitting the ground with a loud thud, in case I fail. And this time, I am not in it alone; I am jumping off with dear friends (Celestine, Salve and my brother Ogie). So though the stakes are much higher now than in any of the jumps I did before, the fear of failing still remains alien to me.

In fact, I am already excited. Why wouldn’t I be? As my friends and I come closer and closer to the jump day, the brighter our idea becomes. The closer we examine it for loop holes, the more perfect it seems.

I really do hope we’ll succeed, because, more than anything, this might just be my chance to prove that I am right in believing that I need not leave the country to do well; that though the road I’ve chosen is longer and more steep, it too leads there (wherever there is). Or, does it? Hmm…



3 Responses to We’re all in this together

  1. cliff ay nagsasabing:

    hmmm… looks like you really are in for that jump ei?

    i know a jump that defies gravity (-untested)!

    now, who wants to jump with me?


  2. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    test mo muna, tatang. then we’ll decide if we’ll jump with you next time!hahaha!

  3. Sherma ay nagsasabing:

    good answer, salve!

    ha ha ha

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