Useful Expression

Hulyo 10, 2007

Huh! I’ve finally got something to say to those taxi drivers that won’t drive me to Ortigas because (according to them) of the heavy traffic in EDSA. Of course, I don’t believe them. The traffic situation in EDSA is the same everyday, although more heavier on Saturdays.

Anyway, I was at the FX terminal last Friday morning and the line of waiting passengers was already very long. I was in the line, too. Most of us were late for work. When one FX taxi parked at the terminal, I knew most of us felt some relief. Ah, at last, there’s our ride! Then the driver said, “Hindi ako bibiyahe, matrapik!” I was satrting to lose hope again. Really, I am so late for work!

Thank God, the dispatcher told the driver, “Parte ng paghahanap-buhay ang trapik.” And that didn’t leave the driver a choice but to let us, passengers get into his FX taxi.

Now, I can use that expression to taxi drivers who refuse to take passengers to certain destinations. “Parte ng hanap-buhay ang trapik.” Being a taxi driver, passengers like me, presume that he has committed himself to the task of bringing any passenger to any destination, regardless of the traffic situation.

Just this morning, I encountered another “reluctant” driver. And I really snapped at him. Told him to tell me immediately if he can take me to Ortigas or not because he was wasting my time. If he reasoned “the traffic situation” I would have used that expression on him. Maybe he noticed I was snappish that moment so he just nodded. There was a glint of surprise in his eyes when he looked at me. 😀