What has Become of Me?

Mayo 30, 2007

Hope has abandoned me
left me drenched in my own tears
drowned in solitude
What has become of me?

Fate has walked away,
Displeased at my ungrateful countenance
Tired, like my trampled soul—
crashed into pieces.

Tell me, what has become of me?

Please save me, I need your mercy
Hold my hand tight; don’t let go—
Oh, it’s too late!
You’re late!
I’m drowning,
zapped into the black hole of nothingness.

What—oh, nothing!—has become of me?

Copyright © Avi (Salve) 2006 at writing.com

Another cheezy piece I have written out of frustration at a time when I was trying to find meaning in my life. 😦


i, an island

Mayo 30, 2007

i am an island
   the wind is my best friend
      whispering news of far lands in my ears.
   the sea is my lover
      singing hymns of promise of forever.
   the trees are my knights
      guarding me to safety and security.
   the flowers are my dames
      amusing my solitary existence.
   the birds are my constant guests
      lodging in my trees for a night’s rest.
   the sky is my shelter
      lighting my path in dark hours.

i am an island
  my best friend has joined other winds
     passed me by without a glance.
  scampering fast, my lover has departed
     singing a song of rage and atrocity.
  my knights had fallen in battle
    bowing their heads in defeat.
  tired of enthralling, my dames had
    fled and drowned in my lover’s cry.
  to a peaceful soil my guests had ran
    in search of better refuge.
  my shelter has crumpled down
   sending needles of spears into my heart.

i cried from pain, yet
i cannot move
i cannot move—
  still an island.

Copyright © 2006 Avi (Salve) @ writing.com

written when i felt so alone and so frustrated with myself. 😥