Me, a Love Charm?!

I have reasons to believe that I can actually help another person find her way to lasting (?) love. It all started when my Tita and I shared an apartment in 1999. I was still a university student then and she was starting to establish a career. You see, Tita’s only older than me by four years, so we really get along well. She has a boyfriend, a childhood sweetheart, and they’ve been together for ages! Even so, I knew they weren’t planning to tie the knot soon. They were both busy with their careers. But after more than a year, they suddenly decided to get married. A few months before that, my younger sister was sharing the apartment with us already because she just transferred to a new school in Manila. So, here comes my second evidence.

A month before Tita’s wedding, my sister and I chose to find our own place. Like Tita, my sister also has a boyfriend and they’ve been going out for a couple of years already. I am aware of my sister’s impulsive nature and for a time she’s been talking about getting hitched and having a baby. I didn’t take that seriously. I was so sure she wouldn’t do it. But then, during a school break, my mom called me up one day and told me my sister won’t be coming back because she’s getting married in a few months. I was so shocked, of course. But what can I do? *sigh*

So, in the next months, I lived alone and I got so used to it. I discovered I actually liked living alone and on my own! 🙂 Before I knew it, I’ve survived a year already!

Then came the day a friend asked if I can recommend a place she could rent because she  wanted to space away from her family for a while. Besides, she’s having a hard time traveling from the countryside to Manila where she submits her work. She’s a writer and practically owns all her time.

I told her, if she’d agree, she can share in my apartment. It was a big place for me, anyway. And of course, sharing the apartment would mean a few bucks of savings from my monthly household expenses, too. 😀 To cut the story short, I found myself a new roommate! She was unattached and not even planning to get involved with anyone at all! But — yes, the big BUT again — after almost a year, she started talking about this guy from her hometown whom she never really liked before and haven’t had any descent conversation with. She really tried to fight what she felt and she would tell me all the time she’d never go back there until her feelings for the guy had completely died. It never happened, of course. As we all know, LOVE would come knocking when you least expect it, and before you know it, you’re hooked already. And before I know it, too, my friend was spending more and more days in her hometown than in the apartment. She’d come over once or twice every two weeks, until she finally decided to leave because she wanted to spend more time with the guy who is now her boyfriend.

So, I’m left alone again. I didn’t feel sad. It was during this time that I thought — after what happened to these three people–that maybe I can attract the “L” word for other people. They should be enough evidence. I presumed that, since a lot of things come in threes, right? Like wishes, luck, wise men, even characters in children’s stories (billy goats, bears, blind mice, etc.). I always tell my friends and officemates that if they want to be walking the isle or find a boyfriend soon, they might want to consider sharing a place with me. It has become a joke among my peers.

I don’t know if it’s a gift. Or maybe I posses extra-extra positive energy/vibes and it affected the people close to me. Or maybe they were mere coincidences. Whatever it was, I’m glad to be part of it.

Now, Tita have two sons, my sister and my friend have one boy each and all of their kids are my inaanak. 😛

7 Responses to Me, a Love Charm?!

  1. arminnehaha ay nagsasabing:

    It was never love, Avi, it was pure insanity—and that’s the pristine truth, unfiltered, complete and unabridged! Haha!

    Hmm… maybe I should consider moving back in! And who knows this time I’m carrying the love-luck!

  2. Sherma ay nagsasabing:

    I wonder what would happen if Tayns and you would live together…

    Magkaka-boyfriend na kaya siya?

  3. Salve ay nagsasabing:

    hindi lang magkaka-boyfriend, baka wedding bells na! 😉

  4. tayns ay nagsasabing:

    i knew it! my mama really had valid reasons to veto my decision to live with salve back then… still, i’d consider your offer girl as a love charm once i’m ready… hehehe… maybe you can offer it sa internet? is your power limited for female lang or baka effective rin yan sa male and sa mga taong confused pa rin hanggang ngayon… hehehe…

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