New-found Hobby

Enero 19, 2007

PapiHaving retired from work in May last year, my father found a new hobby. A lover of the arts, he used to paint and worked as an illustrator for comics/magazine when he was younger. Now, he has discovered a new art through another medium–not with brushes and watercolors, but through the lens of his beloved camera, which he brings anywhere he goes.  He has become a familiar sight around the neighborhood in our hometown, taking picture of anything; sometimes from dusk till dawn. I’d like to share some of the photos he had taken. His subjects are mostly nature.

bird & broken branchup on a broken branch… so lonely

rainbow before milenyoa streak of hope upon dark skies (this rainbow appeared hours before Typhoon Milenyo)

first sunrisethe sun always shines after the storm (this is the first sunrise after the devastating Typhoon Milenyo) 

the moon behindbehind a curtain of battered branches,  the moon still shines


   pilinut tree  pili  nut tree, left naked by Reming’s fury