Forgotten Passion

Enero 26, 2007

escaflowneI was sorting my things out last night, tidying up my stuff since my family’s moving to a new house this weekend, and found some old art works I did several years ago. I felt sad seeing some of them are almost ruined, the colors are fading. I was able to salvage a few of them, though, and took pictures.

no one’s face

There was a time when I got so obsessed with sketching faces. Just the face, not the whole head. The finished piece usually looks like these–with a sad expression. Maybe I was lonely at that time.

I used to paint and do sketches. I did dream of creating my own masterpieces in the past. Yet, in the course of my life, I’ve put it aside and forgotten the passion. Or maybe, the passion has died.

landscape Landscape is one of my favorite themes. I painted this piece from a picture I saw.

belle & the beast Once in my life, I liked Beauty and the Beast so much, hence this painting. And I got addicted to animé also 🙂 (inspiration of the picture at the beginning of this article are the main characters in Vision of Escaflowne)

Now, I’m not sure anymore if I’d be able to do anything similar to these works again. The artist hand has turned numb. It doesn’t recognize the brushes and pens it used to love so much. Her eyes have become mere ordinary spectator. 😦


New-found Hobby

Enero 19, 2007

PapiHaving retired from work in May last year, my father found a new hobby. A lover of the arts, he used to paint and worked as an illustrator for comics/magazine when he was younger. Now, he has discovered a new art through another medium–not with brushes and watercolors, but through the lens of his beloved camera, which he brings anywhere he goes.  He has become a familiar sight around the neighborhood in our hometown, taking picture of anything; sometimes from dusk till dawn. I’d like to share some of the photos he had taken. His subjects are mostly nature.

bird & broken branchup on a broken branch… so lonely

rainbow before milenyoa streak of hope upon dark skies (this rainbow appeared hours before Typhoon Milenyo)

first sunrisethe sun always shines after the storm (this is the first sunrise after the devastating Typhoon Milenyo) 

the moon behindbehind a curtain of battered branches,  the moon still shines


   pilinut tree  pili  nut tree, left naked by Reming’s fury