Welcome Back, Old Self!

I discovered something about myself before I went to bed last night: That I like my life as it is before that little “deviation” yesterday morning. Although my decision was fast (more in haste, as a friend has said), I know it’s what I want. Whatever direction yesterday’s incident would have brought me, I don’t regret it. As long as I’m happy now, I’ll be okay. I’d worry about the future in the future. You see, I like the carefree life. I hate being pressured for the wrong reasons. And I don’t want to pressure myself.

I’m 100% sure I did the right thing. I’ve got evidence to support that. A few hours ago I found out from another friend the reason for a failure in her life. She got scared and she was in a hurry. And I trust my instinct. And it shouted “NO!” too loud for me to ignore it.

So I’m me again. Normal. And ain’t I so glad!

(P.S. to “another friend” – sorry if i used your words. i know you’re on the road to recovery and happiness now. just be careful)

One Response to Welcome Back, Old Self!

  1. eMJi ay nagsasabing:

    Good! welcome back?!

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