For Papi

We do not talk a lot. Voluble and opinionated as I am, I shy away when I am face to face with you. Even now, I still find myself taken by surprise whenever you crack a joke.

You often keep to yourself—in silent observation—that most people think you are unapproachable. But do not think you are a stranger to me (although when I was younger, I felt you were) or I do not understand you. In so many ways, I am so much like you. We cannot deny that fact.

Despite the silence between us, you are the most influential person in my life because I look up to you. For me, you remain the most selfless individual I know (or would ever know). Words are not enough to tell you how much I respect you.

There were times I must have disappointed you, I know. Sometimes, I am very frustrated with myself, too. But I cannot recall any instance that you confronted or showed me your frustrations in me. Instead, you continue to understand and support, never judging me or the choices/decisions I make. You let me discover life’s lessons, commit mistakes and learn from them. You put your trust that despite the misgivings along the way, I would make the right judgment in the end. You let me walk my chosen path, but you are there to to catch me when I fall.

If, in the future, I would decide to come out of my protective shell and gamble (although Grandmother believes I won’t, ever!), I would choose someone like you or somehow similar to you, whose love is unconditional and without prejudice, always ready to extend a hand and do not expect anything in return, someone who has no hang-ups about his masculinity.

I thank you for everything. You will forever be my number one man.

One Response to For Papi

  1. Armine Rhea ay nagsasabing:

    meron din akong papi…

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